Apple making more money on apps and subscriptions in 2018В 2018 every Apple user in the US spent on the purchase application or subscription of 79 dollars. This is 36% more than the amount that the owners of Apple gadgets, spending in 2017. This writes TechCrunch with reference to the results of the research of Sensor Tower.

Estimated that 44 of the 79 dollars is the cost of mobile games. Entertainment app — only 8 of 79 dollars. Most of all for the year increased spending on apps from the category of Lifestyle related to sports or health. Now they in total spend about $ 15 monthly.

Experts say that lately Apple is actively promoting its own apps in the App Store amid falling sales of the iPhone, and suggest the company pay more attention to developers. Increasingly there are applications that are fraudulently imposed on a paid subscription.

Recently a teenager from America has discovered a vulnerability in the application FaceTime, Apple decided to award him.

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