At the moment, most analysts agree that the fall of this year Apple may introduce at least three new smartphones. However, the staff BlueFin Research sure that the cupertinos can withdraw from the sale of several of its vehicles. And among the latter are iPhone SE the iPhone X.

According to experts, a “jubilee” iPhone will disappear from store shelves in order to not “hurt” sales of new devices. Representatives BlueFin Research claim that in recent years, users are less willing to buy new smartphones, giving preference to last year’s models, which have sufficient performance and are significantly cheaper than new products.

As for the iPhone SE, it will disappear from store shelves for about the same reasons. Analysts believe that it must be replaced with a relatively inexpensive iPhone 8. However, many believe the “eight” defective replacement. The high popularity of the iPhone, the SE is not only low cost, but its features: 4-inch display, compact size and high performance.


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