Tuesday was dedicated to the iMac. Today we may see new in a long time iPod. According to rumors, the end of the week we can expect the wireless charging station AirPower and the case for AirPods with a wireless charging function.

According to max Weinbach, author XDA Developers, iPod Touch, seventh-generation Apple debuts today.

After the announcement of iPod Apple may also introduce two other product. Sources of Weinbach reported that they directly worked with AirPower or cover AirPods. However, they have confirmed the possibility of launching these products this week.

If Apple will continue to release one product a day, AirPower would likely be announced as early as Thursday. And then, on Friday, followed by the announcement of the case AirPods.

Further proof of Apple’s plans to launch AirPower in the near future — recent changes in the beta version of iOS 12.2 resulted in a “significant” modifications to the code wireless charging. More specifically, the operating system now includes the code “responsible for the identification of the fact that two devices charged at the same station”. And that’s exactly what AirPower will support.

As you may have noticed, AirPods 2 rumors are not mentioned. Unfortunately, due to the fact that, according to sources, Apple wireless headphones the next generation will not be released until September of this year.

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