According to the publication Reuters, now European regulators are trying to figure out how much users interfere with the existence of different standards for charging mobile devices. In addition, the introduction of a single standard should have a positive impact on the volume of waste.

The Commissioner for competition of the European Union, Margrethe Vestager does not exclude that in the future, large producers of mobile devices will have to use a single port for charging all of the gadgets and to produce a standardised charger. This measure will not only facilitate the lives of consumers, but also help to improve the environmental situation.

More likely this initiative could hit Apple, which continues to equip their devices with Lightning ports. Together with cupertinos will suffer and manufacturers of accessories. The latest damage will be much less.

It is worth noting that the European Commission is not the first time plans to introduce a single standard for charging mobile devices. For the first time such a proposal was made about 10 years ago. Then large companies, among which were Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia signed a voluntary Memorandum of intent to reach a common standard for charging cell phones and smartphones.


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