Apple in 2017, refused to fingerprint scanner Touch ID in favor of Face ID system of face recognition that is relished not for everyone. Apparently she realized her mistake and decided to return dactyloscopy, but in a new, improved version.

Today Apple has patented perhaps the third generation Touch ID — she received a patent for a “system of acoustic imaging for a smartphone screen,” that is, in other words, she’s making her version of ultrasonic podernovo dactyloscopy. In her case, the sensor will not work in one certain point, and the entire area of the screen.

As soon as Touch ID, going back to IPhones, to say it is impossible, but it just does not happen in 2019. This year Apple is not scheduled anything downright new, but in 2020, the iPhone lineup will undergo significant changes, including the dimensions of smartphones and, probably, support of cellular networks of the fifth generation. Perhaps then there will be a new Touch ID, which will replace the Face ID to anyone who doesn’t like the lack of alternative convenient means of unlocking the gadgets.

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