In the information field around fall conference Apple become more and more rumors and assumptions. We know that the company will introduce three new iPhone models for the 2018 model year in September. One of them is a 6.1-inch LCD display, the second 5.8-inch iPhone X2 and the third option is the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.

Analysts: Apple to stop making iPhone X and iPhone SE

Analytics firm BlueFin Research published a report suggesting that Apple may abandon their SE models of the iPhone 2 and iPhone X in 2019. Instead, it focuses on Apple to release a new iPhone 9, iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus.

According to analysts, the tech giant will stop production of the iPhone X and iPhone SE 2 in the third quarter of this year. Instead, it will increase production of three new iPhone, which will be presented in September.

Apple will stop the release of the iPhone X.

According to new data, Apple is planning to produce a total of 91 million units of new iPhone before the end of 2018. New in 2019, but for the first quart of the planned production of 92 million units.

“These 92 million units in the first two quarters of next year are much higher than the normal production cycles of the company,” as they say in the report.

It was also suggested that the budget iPhone with LCD display is “iPhone 9”, and the other two models, OLED display, it will be “iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus”. It confirms, has long been rumored that went that it was in this sequence of numbers will be produced of the model.

Apple will stop the release of the iPhone X.

IPhone X and SE 2 will not be made

The report also says that production of the current flagship iPhone X will cease in the third quarter of this year. And with it the budget iPhone SE 2 will not be release because of “unmet demand”. Analysts believe that the company will be able to fully satisfy all customer needs the new iPhone 9, iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus.

IPhone 9 will take its place in the segment of $ 700 dollars. This will allow us to meet the demands of customers with a small budget. While iPhone 11/11Plus go into the premium segment and will replace the Apple iPhone X.

IPhone X and SE 2 will not be made

Many fans of smartphones from Apple, decided to abandon the transition to the iPhone X because of high prices or other reasons. Although X was indeed the best-selling smartphone in 2018. Apple want to release three different variants of the iPhone to get users who plan to upgrade my phone this fall. Including those users who are ready to buy one of the new models.

But if SE do iPhone 2 will not release, it will mean that the cheapest iPhone will disappear completely. Real receiver yet, although rumors about the release of the iPhone SE 2 do not cease. Definite answer yet and how it will be in do we still need to know. Though, iPhone 8, all will be produced in its price segment. The model is well proven and in high demand.

Price iPhone X 2018

As we already reported, Apple will conduct an aggressive pricing policy and iPhone 2018, a direct confirmation of this. Lowering the bar the price tag on its products, the company strives to increase the number of new users.

According to available data, all three phones will support the function of the cut on the screen and the sensor Face unlock ID. Apple iPhone 2018 will be presented in September.

Price iPhone X 2018

Predict that the price will be in the range:

  • The price is a 6.1 – inch LCD, iPhone 9 from $ 600 to $ 700 dollars;
  • Price 5.8-inch OLED, iPhone 11 from $ 800 to $900 dollars;
  • Price 6.5 inch OLED, iPhone 11 Plus from $ 900 to $ 1000.

New models get more color options. As we reported, the basic, the Apple will add orange and blue color iPhone.


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