Bloomberg continues to share new information about the yet unannounced Apple mobile devices. It is not so much about the smartphone that should be featured in this year, how about future updates. According to sources, in 2020 the iPhone may receive a 3D scanner.

It is expected that the new optional module will allow the device to perceive depth of field space, creating a three-dimensional model of the surrounding objects. This will be actively applied laser beams. They will allow you to create enough high-quality 3D models without gaps or holes.

It is possible that the module for three-dimensional scanning will appear in Apple’s mobile devices not just. Some believe that cupertinos add it to the iPhone ahead of the launch of its augmented reality headset, which is already not the first year.

Also, it is believed that the new 3D scanner will first appear in the iPad Pro new generation. This is due to the fact that this module needs a more powerful processor and as a consequence a larger battery.


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