Apple may raise the price of the gadgets of the trade war the US and Cisapride USA Donald trump’s plans to impose duties on Chinese goods in the amount of 10%. It is a response to the sanctions of China in relation to American goods.

Because Apple assembles its gadgets in China (as evidenced by the inscription Assambled in China), her technique is a Chinese export product. And the sanctions trump unable to hit hard on the equipment cost of the company.

The first will rise in value the Apple Watch, HomePod and AirPods. iPhone and Mac at first, the price increase will not affect you.

But this is only one side of the problem. On the other hand, Chinese market is one of the most important for Apple (the company there is a 9% market share). And China could impose retaliatory sanctions Trump regarding themselves kupertinovtsy.

Yeah, the situation Apple not be called enviable. The Corporation does not react to the actions of countries, but can become extreme.


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