While a segment of flexible mobile devices is only beginning to emerge. However, your interest in such gadgets have already shown some large companies. According to analysts IHS, Markit, Apple is also interested in flexible mobile devices. Experts do not exclude that in the future, the cupertinos will release its own tablet with a folding screen.

Not so long ago in the network appeared the information that Microsoft is preparing a foldable tablet computer from the Surface. According to analysts, this device will feature two screens with a diagonal of 9 inches, and its announcement may take place next year.

IHS experts Markit believe that Apple will go a similar way and equip your flexible tablet with a couple of screens. It is assumed that the basis for Apple’s new products will be Apple’s A-series and the device will run under the control of iPadOS. In addition, the new Apple tablet need to support networks of the fifth generation.

Experts not undertake to predict, when exactly Apple is going to release its flexible tablet computer. The staff of IHS Markit believe that it will not happen very soon.


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