Apple released the original Smart Battery Case in 2015. Originally branded case with battery is not too much users. They actively criticized the appearance of the accessory. However, as it turned out, the cover sold well, and now Apple have thought of that, to upgrade the Smart Battery Case. A hint of this was found in the code of one of the beta versions watchOS 5.1.2.

Judging by the network-accessible image, the updated Smart Battery Case will be slightly different in its contours. In particular, the new case will be less at the bottom. Will also change the cutout for the camera.

At the moment it is difficult to say specifically what models of iPhone will be compatible with new Smart Battery Case. Rather, it can only be used with iPhone X and iPhone XS. Owners of other Apple smartphones will have to find covers with an additional battery from third party manufacturers.

As for the launch date of the new version of Smart Battery Case, now it is unknown. Also remains unclear and the price of the accessory. However, if we consider that today the original Smart Battery Case on sale for 8 490 rubles, the new version of the case is unlikely to be cheaper.


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