iPhone SE 2018 is very real.

Rapidly approaching the presentation of Apple on September 12 can make a surprise. The plans, Apple is not the launch of the widely discussed iPhone SE 2, but the company can renew the original iPhone SE. According to the famous insider Hepgiu, updated iPhone SE will get the A10 processor and camera as the iPhone 7. The price of iPhone SE sample 2018 will remain at the level of the first model.

Insider sources said that Apple can really plan update iPhone SE. The smartphone will retain the same design but will have improved characteristics. The model will be equipped with a system processor of Apple A10 and a 12-megapixel camera as the iPhone 7.

Compared to the original iPhone, SE the difference in characteristics would be significant. SE iPhone first generation has a dual core A9 processor, which is inferior in performance to the A10. Camera first iPhone SE also 12-megapixel, but also significantly worse than the iPhone 7.

Note that previously underwent a credible leak about the intention of Apple to release updated iPhone SE. Developed by Guilherme Rambo found in the code of beta versions of iOS 12 the mention of a fourth new smartphone, which has just the same CPU Apple A10.

The insider believes that Apple will not pay attention to the Java SE at the presentation. The updated model will go on sale on Apple’s official website. The company makes such a “quiet” announcements at each of its presentation.


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