At the moment the most bright Apple smartphone is the iPhone Xr. However, if you believe the network sources, in the future the situation may change and on the shelves will be the iPhone accesses the gradient colors. It is reported resource MySmartPrice with reference to patent documents, Apple.

It is noteworthy that the cupertinos don’t want to go on a relatively easy route and just make smooth color transitions. The patent also describes a special color that will change depending on the angle of view, direction of light rays, as well as General lighting.

It should be noted that today in the market there are enough smartphones with gradient colours. Increasingly, such devices produced by Chinese manufacturers. For example, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Umidigi and of course Huawei. The latest smartphones are the most popular.

Thus now users don’t have to wait for Apple to release the iPhone in unusual colors. To change the color of your smartphone with a plain on the gradient is quite simple. This will help various covers and bumpers.


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