The conflict between Apple and Qualcomm continues for more than a year, and until the conditions to what it will end there. However, sources claim that despite litigation, the American chip maker may again begin to supply the iPhone maker with their products. In particular, the cupertinos interesting 5G modems Qualcomm.

According to reports, the company Intel, which now supplies Apple modems for mobile devices, will release 5G module could not be before 2020. At the same time, the market began to appear the devices with the support of next generation networks. For this reason, Apple cannot afford to be very delayed with the introduction of 5G smartphones.

In fact, now Apple has only two possible ways: either to press when Intel will finalize your 5G modems, or to settle with Qualcomm. Experts believe that the cupertinos will choose the second option. They don’t have to complete the trial. This clearly demonstrated the long-running conflict with Samsung – despite a legal war party continued to collaborate with each other.

Sources reported that Qualcomm is ready to supply Apple with the necessary components, and Apple is ready to buy them, but “for the money”. However, while this information is not confirmed officially.


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