A new attempt by Apple to increase sales.

Over the last month, it became clear that sales of the latest iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR is not pleasing Apple. The company even had twice to reduce the production of the flagship, which led to a sharp drop in the stock. However, Apple has come up with a solution and has launched a new initiative that allows the most profitable to exchange old iPhone for one of the latest models.

Apple offered to owners of older iPhone models to exchange their smartphones for a new iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone and XR on the most favorable terms. Apple has started to give increased discounts for the surrender of the old iPhone on the official trade-in program.

For example, if earlier in delivery of the iPhone 6s at the trade-in program, the buyer received a discount of $100 on the purchase of a new iPhone, now discount from twice — $200. A similar increase in the size of the discount of $100 also was the case with the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. For other models of increasing discounts ranged from $25 to $75.

So Apple is trying to attract more buyers to its flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. Original new rules of trade-in program is earned only in the United States. But it is expected that in the near future additional discounts on the purchase of a new iPhone at the time of old smartphones will appear in other countries.

In Russia improved the conditions to be expected on the authorized retailers Apple, which last year launched a trade-in program.


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