Apple complied with the requirements of the Russian government and transferred data of Russian citizens on local servers, located in other words, on the territory of Russia. So now if the country is shut off from the world of the Internet, the access data will not be lost.

But in fact, the government did not care about the safety of user data, and the possibility of unimpeded access to them in case of surveillance of some allocation. For example, an iPhone owner posted some Memcheck about the one whose name cannot be called, and people in uniform once or twice to go through his data to iCloud and has prepared a case under article 282 of the criminal code.

The law on data retention Russians on Russian services entered into force in 2015, and you can see the statistics of how many during this period, cases were brought under that article. Of course, officially alleged that on Russian servers only stored telephone number, postal address and name of the owner of the gadget, but when was the last time the official information in our country fully reflect reality? In short, the domestic Big brother has become closer to all your personal data, and it is time to think of moving them from the Internet and clouds on external hard drive.

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