Apple has published a list of the most popular apps in the Russian AppStore for 2018. The WhatsApp messenger was the most downloaded free app. On Tuesday reported the press service of Apple.

Among the paid programs took first place in the video editor kirakira+. The app for your iPhone recognized for Procreate Pocket, it can help you create sketches, paintings and illustrations.

Top free apps for iPhone

1. WhatsApp Messenger

2. Instagram

3. VK
4. Sberbank Online

5. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

6. Telegram Messenger

7. Yandex.Taxi

8. Joom

9. Pandao — buy profitable

10. Public services

Top paid apps for iPhone

1. kirakira+

2. Glitché

3. #BS365 Workouts

4. Facetune

5. Dalgona

6. Afterlight 2
7. TouchRetouch

8. Polyglot 16 — English

9. Threema

10. Radar Arrow

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