All that is known about the new Apple presentation.

In the code published on 18 September the first beta version of iOS 12.1 discovered mention of a new iPad Pro 2018. The tablet has ID “iPad2018Fall” (iPad2018Осень), which indicates that Apple plans to conduct another presentation this year. What new devices Apple is preparing and when it will be presented? Told in this article.

iPad Pro 2018

The main novelties of the upcoming Apple presentation will be a massive new updated iPad Pro 2018, which was originally expected in September. However, Apple decided to give the presentation of the new iPad Pro more time, as innovations in devices will be enough.

According to numerous leaks from leading analysts and insiders, Apple is preparing two new tablet: with 11 – and 12.9-inch displays. The key features of both the iPad Pro 2018 will be the screen with minimal framework, markedly reduced even compared with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and support of facial recognition Face ID. The tablets are expected and other improvements, including a new camera and processors.

It is expected that the iPad Pro 2018 will be the main topic of the presentation Apple.

New MacBook

According to analysts, Apple is planning to release in 2018 and a new less expensive MacBook. 12-inch laptop will have modern features, very slim body and reduced compared to the current models price tag. Recent leaks have indicated that the MacBook 2018 will receive a fingerprint scanner Touch ID, no touch panel Touch Bar. This decision implements Apple laptops for the first time.

MacBook Pro 2018

The presentation should occur yearly updating of the MacBook Pro. Experts believe that it is not the largest. Under the assumptions in the plans of Apple a processor upgrade and equipping of the laptop enhanced keyboard.

Mac mini

Several reliable sources said that Apple will finally refresh the Mac mini lineup is its most compact and affordable computers. The company has not updated the Mac mini in 2014, with the sale remains an older model computer at the old price tag.

From the new Mac mini should expect modern features, updated design (it is unlikely that Apple will keep the design from four years ago) and adequate for Apple computers the price. Mac mini 2018, as the previous model, should be the most affordable Mac.

2 AirPods

Before the presentation of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR became known that Apple plans to release a full updated AirPods headphones 2 this year. But at the September presentation, this did not happen, so you should wait for the announcement in October.

How Apple will tie the announcement of the new AirPods 2 of the presentation, which will be shown on tablets and computers? It is possible that the new iPad Pro will not be a 3.5 mm audio output.

iPhone SE 2

It is understood that the chances of the announcement of the iPhone SE 2 minimum. But hope still remains, including through the statements of analysts. On their last words, Apple may introduce iPhone 2 with SE design SE the original iPhone, but with improved characteristics as the iPhone 7.

When will the iPad Pro and other new Apple devices?

The second half of October the most probable date of the presentation Apple. If Apple spends just two autumn presentation that makes the second in October. At the moment there are no preconditions to ensure that Apple will change its tradition.


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