Today, September 12, Apple officially introduced the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Despite the fact that the innovations made a lot of noise long before the official presentation, it did not release at least interesting, and only angered the fans of the company.


Externally, the iPhone XS and XS Max X identical to the original iPhone, presented a year earlier. Case smartphones are a usual sandwich, consisting of glass panels front and back and metal frame in the middle, which serves as the basis for the internal components.

Glass, which is used in the production of the new iPhone is the most durable of the fact that ever were equipped with smartphones. Two body colors, silver and space-grey and added the gold. To say that it looks stylish and expensive, so don’t say anything, so it is perfect.


The hardware, as well as the appearance of smartphones was predictable. The role of the “heart” of the novelties is the processor Apple, which received the expected name A12 Boinic. The world’s first chipset built on a 7-nm process. It is 15% faster and 50% more energy efficient than A11 Bionic.

Security of smartphones provides an interface Face ID in the iPhone XS and XS Max is even faster and more reliable thanks to the advanced technology of the Secure Enclave.


If a display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches X iPhone we have become accustomed and now less admire its color and convenience, 6.5-inch OLED panel iPhone XS Max cause us to experience these feelings again. The underlying OLED panel delivers a 60% greater color gamut than the iPhone X.

Display iPhone XS Max is so great that it can replace even iPad, many tablet interface mapping model. Due to this interact with your smartphone in landscape orientation will become even easier than before.


iPhone XS and XS Max for the first time in the history of the line iPhone has stereo speakers, placed on the lower and upper faces. With them, the music will acquire new shades, affecting its quality and volume.


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