On the morning of Saturday 28 July 2018 in the United States has become one of Apple Store anymore. The retail network of the Corporation from Cupertino have added to the store Broadway Plaza in walnut Creek.

The new Apple Store was a place among the fashionable boutiques and restaurants in the popular shopping center. Like other retail objects Apple store strives to form a community and become local residents a place to interact and familiarize with new technologies.

Street objects flow smoothly into the interior and become its integral part.

The focus is on space Today at Apple because the new strategy of the company aimed at redefining retail. Now come to the fore events and experience.

Despite the fact that Apple Store Broadway Plaza is designed in the same style with the other outlets, it has a unique memorable features, combining design glass and wood. Stone elements are made of limestone. The new store does not have a terrace or tiered roof.

The first visitors to the store received Apple t-shirts and Souvenirs, and someone could win a video iSight camera and other useful gadgets.


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