Yesterday it became known that Apple and Qualcomm entered into a settlement agreement and the chip maker will supply the cupertinos 5G modems. But today in the Internet appeared new details. It turned out that Apple had to pay Qualcomm an impressive lump-sum compensation in the amount of $ 6 billion.

The cupertinos will also pay Qualcomm about 8-9 dollars for each iPhone sold. Apparently, only under such conditions, the us chip maker has agreed to supply Apple with the necessary components. It is noteworthy that before the conflict cupertinos Qualcomm transferred $ 5 from each sold iPhone.

Experts claim that hand long enough to discuss the terms of the settlement agreement. Originally Qualcomm had hoped for significantly larger contributions. The sources referred to the amount of about $ 30 from your iPhone. But in the end the amount of deductions was reduced.

It is not excluded that Apple went to such concessions only due to the fact that manufacturers of Android devices have started to equip their phones 5G modems. However, it is worth considering that at the moment are a new generation of networks is possible only in a few places around the world in two U.S. cities and several cities in South Korea. Moreover, the coating and the stability of the connection leaves much to be desired.


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