Apple Park is one of the most innovative and expensive office centers in the world. The construction of this complex took several years and cost Apple in excess of $ 5 billion. At least in the past it was called such amounts. However, according to the authors of the publication the San Francisco Chronicle, the new campus has cost Apple a few a smaller amount.

According to experts of the district headquarters of Apple is worth about $ 3.6 billion. With this amount Apple pays taxes that reach $ 40 million per year. However, if you add in the “final” estimate furniture, equipment, and additional equipment, the cost of Apple Park will increase to 4.17 billion dollars.

At the moment, the Apple campus is among the ten most expensive buildings in the world. For example, the updated international trade Center in the United States is estimated at about $ 3.8 billion. However, Apple Park, definitely far from the three leaders, which includes high-rise complex of the Abraj al Bayt in Saudi Arabia ($15 billion) international thermonuclear experimental reactor in France ($25 billion) and the Masjid al-Haram in Saudi Arabia ($100 billion).


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