Apple is known for its extravagant and strange decisions. As you know, the latest MacBook, the main problem is the keyboard-butterfly. They are known for sticking buttons and quick failure, and intolerance of any debris. And here in Cupertino has patented a brand new technology of keyboard.

It is reported that it will be made of glass, and instead of the hardware buttons use the sensors. The “buttons” will be mobile, which will provide feedback and will solve the main problem of virtual keyboards is the lack of tactile response. It will be something like “fabric” or “rubber” keyboard, which often produce for tablets.

The glass panel outside the buttons can be touch and act as a touchpad or tazbar. It is not clear how it will be dealt symbols on the buttons. This is unlikely to be a simple engraving, it is possible, each button will receive a separate mini-screen.

Of course, this is only a patent, because not the fact that this technology actually come to market. This means, however, that the company are considering various, including very exotic projects.

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