According to the document that was released by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), Apple has developed a plan for emergency payouts related to lawsuits over slowing iPhone.

About a year ago, Apple has charged that she deliberately slow down the old iPhone models, not notifying users. Later the company confirmed that this is indeed so, but explained that this was for extending the battery life. Apple apologized and reduced the cost of replacement batteries from $79 to $29, and subsequently the Corporation had allowed iOS users to disable 11.3 by slowing their vehicles.

But even this did little to stem the anger of users who have already signed up to Apple’s numerous lawsuits. Most of the complaints were consolidated in a class action lawsuit in the district court of California.

The company insists that they do not mislead their customers, but rather to care for their mobile devices. However, Apple does not exclude its loss in this case. The amount that Cupertino has to pay all the victims has not been disclosed.

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