Along with the new iPad Pro, Apple also updated the Apple representative and Pencil, which is now able to “stick” on the body of the new Apple tablet using magnets to charge iPad without wires and significantly simplify the process of interaction with some applications. It is worth the novelty at $ 30 more than its predecessor. But that’s not it, and the fact that the new iPad Pro do not support old Apple Pencil.

It is also worth noting that the second generation Apple Pencil not compatible with older tablet from Apple. Therefore, when you purchase a new iPad Pro users will inevitably have to buy more new brand pen. Recall that in the Russian Apple Online Store is worth 10 stylus 790 rubles.

It is also worth remembering that the new tablets kupertinovtsy decided to abandon the audio port. But they did not give the users anything in return – the old headphones and accessories with the usual Jack, and headset from the iPhone is just not suited to the new iPad.

To solve this problem you can use the USB-C on the 3.5 mm Jack. It is already available in the Apple Store. In Russia it can be purchased for 690 rubles. By the way, in the Russian Apple Online Store is also available a special USB‑C adapter for SD card reader. It costs 3490 rubles.


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