Apple Pencil 2 is an accessory for the iPad Pro. Is a peripheral device that resembles the usual stylus is a useful tool, for example, for artists or designers, allowing you to quickly sketch something on the tablet screen. A distinctive feature of the Pencil 2 in comparison with the previous model is induction charging — electronic stylus is fixed for the iPad Pro with built-in magnet and charged him. Cool?

Yes, but the Pencil 2 users suddenly began to complain of a strange problem — when the stylus is charged from the tablet, the car in focus “sees” the key. Turns out, the accessory is really blocking the signal. Apple acknowledged the issue but explained that the feature of wireless charging. And added to the user’s manual 2 Pencil the corresponding footnote warning about the problems with electronic keys.

Disruptions keys allegedly occur because radio frequencies that overlap with those produced by the stylus when charging from a tablet. To solve the problem, only need to remove the tablet away from the key well, or to remove Pencil 2 with charging. It’s funny that this feature will prevent attackers to intercept with “rod” the radio signal from the key and thus gain access to the vehicle or to steal it.

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