The head of the American Corporation Apple Tim cook said that the company is going to reduce the price of the iPhone in countries where the national currency weakened against the dollar, according to Reuters.

Cook did not specify which countries this refers to, however, sales representatives of companies in China have already started to reduce the prices of the gadgets.

According to the Agency, presumably, we are talking about Russia, Turkey, Brazil and China, as Apple previously noted that in these countries the national currency has lost positions.

It is noted that the Corporation makes the decision for the second time in the 12-year history of the smartphone.

Cook noted that the company has released a new iPhone XS in September of last year at the same price as the previous iPhone model X in 2017 for $ 999.

According to him, it was normally perceived by customers in the United States, however, for example, in China and Turkey, where the local currency fell significantly against the dollar, the iPhone has become much more expensive than a year earlier.

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