Apple is planning to introduce a new technology of recognition of the owner of the mobile device. In the future Siri will be able to unlock your iPhone or iPad, if you recognize the owner’s voice. The Corporation has filed corresponding patent “Device access using voice authentication”.

Presumably, the new identification method will receive the name Voice ID. This technology will rely on the commands given by the voice of the device owner. The “fingerprint” of the voice will be stored on your smartphone or tablet, it will be made up of several samples.

Theoretically, the situation would look like this — the user gives the command “Siri, unlock my phone”, and Voice ID, recognizing the voice, will do the rest. Despite the fact that this system pretty easy to navigate, the portal iDrop News reports that Apple has taken care to minimize all false alarms.

When creating the voice print of the owner of the technology will consider the following nuances: the volume of speech, pauses, nasal sounds consonants fricative and more.

According to the patent, the system does not provide communication by text, that is, all interaction will be based on voice commands. The document also provides for the use of this technology as another layer of authentication.

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