Apple is working on the creation of points of augmented reality in 2015. On one of the last presentations of the Vice-President of the company Mike Rockwell, who is engaged in the development of augmented and virtual reality, spoke about “smart” glasses, which will replace the modern iPhones.

Publishing The Information reports that the first such accessories will be available in 2022. On the external characteristics they resemble virtual reality glasses produced by the company Oculus Quest. The device will be located with high resolution displays, and inside —mounted camera.

In the future, Apple will develop a gadget reminiscent of the sunglasses with a thick frame on which are placed the processor and the battery of the device. Smart glasses you can wear and use throughout the day.

This development of the company will be the first step to replace the usual smartphone more modern gadget. While details of the development are not known — they will be available only at the presentation.

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