Shares of U.S. technology company Apple lost 25% over the past couple of months. New smartphones are sold not as good as was expected by the manufacturer, and expert opinions are that Apple will not cope with the crisis and the company in 2019 will collapse, reported by 9to5mac citing report analyst Japanese investment Bank Nomura Anne Lee.

According to numerous reports and Analytics of the market, new smartphones Apple — iPhone XS and XR is sold not as good as hoped by Apple. The decline in sales and the failure of the plan in terms of revenue led to a drop in shares of technomania over the last couple of months they lost 25%, dropping to $ 236 per share.

According to experts, the situation for the American manufacturer will not improve in the next year. Rather, according to experts, Apple generally will collapse. For example, an analyst at Japanese investment Bank Nomura Anne Lee conducted a study, which concluded that 2019 will bring IT company success, and the new iPhone will not be able to become a breakthrough in the market.

According to Ann Lee, in 2019 for the company and its main product — the iPhone — nothing will change. The expert also suggests that negative perceptions of a lack in iPhone new exciting features and technological capabilities may aggravate the situation.

In addition, the main functional and recognizable design of the iPhone would not change in 2019. Changes in the expectations of IT experts, can only come in 2020 when the new devices are directed to the use of 5G technologies of augmented reality.

In addition, according to experts, it is impossible to ignore China. Manufacturers from Asia offer extremely low price and take huge market share. Now the Chinese technomania for Apple represent a huge danger.

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