If you need to — pay.

Apple has allocated money to ensure that in case you need to pay consumers for slowing iPhone with depleted battery. A new report by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges was a paragraph providing for the possible expenses for compensation to clients.

At the end of 2017, the Apple community was struck by one of the most powerful scandals in the history of the company. It turned out that Apple deliberately slows down your iPhone with a depleted battery. According to the official position of Apple, the company that makes it for a good purpose, to iPhone with old batteries will not shut down randomly.

That Apple slows down iPhone was able to learn users to the company itself are not told about it. When Apple was accused of slowing down the iPhone, albeit with good intentions, the company was bombarded with criticism.

Many consumers banded together and filed lawsuits on Apple. Currently no court cases not ending in a victory for consumers, but, according to a new decision by Apple, the company was prepared to pay disgruntled clients. Apple has allocated the money that will be used to pay compensation in case of loss of the company in court.

How much money allocated to Apple is unknown. It is not excluded that the company took for the payment of compensation specific amount, the amount of which is known from the court’s application of the plaintiff, who still managed to obtain confessions from Apple.

To learn about how to check if your iPhone is slowed down artificially, and how you can turn off the slowing you can in this instruction.

Source: BI.


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