Directed by Rian Johnson, who directed the film “Get the knife” in his recent interview with Vanity Fair, he shared interesting details about the collaboration with Apple. In particular, the Director said that Cupertino prohibit the villains in the movies use iPhone and other equipment of the company.

According to Johnson, before filming Apple representatives carefully studied the script and noted characters, who are not allowed to use iPhone in the frame. Fall under the ban not only villains, but also any other negative characters.

It can be assumed that in this way cupertinos form an image of their products in the eyes of consumers. While Johnson looks at the situation with humor. In an interview, he said that now the audience can easily distinguish the negative characters from the “good guys”.

It should be noted that Apple is well known for its strict rules regarding the use of images and photos of their devices. The company ensures that in advertising its products displayed in the best light. This applies equally to the context of advertising and to the images.


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