During the presentation XDR Pro Display Apple representatives noted that the new monitor is not inferior to the reference solution from Sony. While it costs much cheaper competitor 5 000 to 40 000 dollars for Sony BVM-HX310. However, the authors Youtube channel HDTVTest refute this statement.

After a series of tests, experts noted that XDR Pro Display has some problems with contrast and accurate color at peak brightness. According to these parameters it is ahead of other monitors. However, to compare it with the Sony BVM-HX310 is impossible. According to the authors HDTVTest, Pro Display XDR is not suitable for professional content creation.

Experts say that Apple is worse monitor displays a black color, and it shows minor light marks. All these defects are not on the Sony monitor. Call Pro Display XDR a bad monitor and not worth it. Just Apple marketing team is unfairly called the new “world’s best professional monitor”.

It is worth noting that some studios use Pro XDR Display in their professional activities. For example, employees of Lunar Animation used a new Apple monitors at work on titles for the film Jumanji, and they were very pleased with the image quality.


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