Apple explained its decision to remove app for parental control from the official App store. According to the Corporation, such a move was made for security reasons.

Recall that some app developers complained to the New York Times on Apple, which has removed their program from the official store once implemented a similar function in the iOS system.

However, Apple said that the reason is that these apps threaten the security and privacy of users. Also, the Corporation said that developers are given time to make in app changes to match the rules of the App Store.

One of the latest controversial features implemented by Apple in iOS, was the “Screen time”, which allows users to track how much time they spend on your favorite apps.

In addition, this also provides parents the ability to control how much their child spends on the web resources and applications.

Developers of applications with similar functionality has complained that after the introduction of this feature in operation, their programs were removed from the official App store.

Responding to these claims, Apple has published a blog post stating that it took action against apps that create a risk for the user of the mobile device.

“These functions provide a third party access to the confidential information on the device — for example, geolocation data, application usage, email accounts, camera, and browser history,” writes the Corporation blog.

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