IRKUTSK, October 24. /TASS/. The project Radiomass — online catalog of Russian-language radio stations, developed in Irkutsk, suffered from anti-Russian sanctions of the United States, said on Wednesday, TASS, the representative of the developer directory Yaroslav Gilmullin. According to him, Apple refused to accept the updates of the mobile versions of the catalog and announced the intention to remove it from the App store.

“Almost a month ago after sending for the survey of moderators Apple’s next version of mobile operating system iOS I got a letter that said due to the fact that the US government adopted another package of sanctions against Russia, our application can not accept, and within two weeks it will be removed from the App Store. To this letter were attached two screenshots — screen shots of the application in the list of cities and radio stations which are in the catalog, were visible two Crimean cities — Sevastopol and Simferopol”, — said the Gilmullin.

After receiving the letter, he sent a response to Apple explaining that the project Radiomass and its developers are not associated with either the Crimea or the Ukraine, and don’t have any contacts. From Irkutsk explained that the application is an aggregator of Russian-speaking radio stations that can be in any city in the world.

“Send them this letter and in the day to get the answer: “Thank you for the clarification, we continue the examination of your application once a decision is made, you will receive a response.” It’s been about three weeks, but from Apple no reply had been received. But what they threatened — two weeks to remove the app from the app Store — did not happen,” — said the Gilmullin.

According to him, if the situation cannot be resolved, a mobile application for iOS in the best case will remain without updates, with limited functionality, in the worst case users of Apple products will be deprived of the application. He added that with the Google Play no such problems, and users of the Android operating system continue to receive updates Radiomass.

Irkutsk idea

Project Manager Radiomass Victoria Tagirova told TASS that the online catalogue of Russian stations was established in March of 2016, the active development began in July 2017. How many users in that time has managed to attract and the number of downloads of the application, she did not elaborate, citing the confidential nature of this information and noting only that “the account goes on thousand.” In Google Play stated that from this store Radiomass downloaded over 1 thousand times.

The directory brings together more than 2 thousand 500 radio stations, including foreign ones, and broadcast only on the Internet. With the help of the online catalogue of Russian radio you can listen anywhere in the world.

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