Apple commented on the complaints of the customers on a bent iPad. According to the company, this is a side effect of the production process, but not defective, writes The Verge.

After the start of sales of the new iPad Pro is slim, users drew attention to the fact that the tablet is very easy to bend. After that customers began to complain that the tablet is bent already out of the box. Also some owners complain that the tablet starts to bend in everyday use.

Apple acknowledged that the new iPad can be supplied with a “small” bend and added that it does not affect the operation of the device and is not a defect. It is noted that this was a side effect of the production process and the plate is bent during cooling, the aluminum and plastic device components.

In this case, the newspaper argues that the bend appeared two weeks later use. In this case, the company recommends that you contact the store that the user replaced the device. However, in the case of an employee of The Verge, the new tablet was also bent.

Apple introduced the iPad Pro with the “frameless” screen on 30 October. Tablet lost my Home button and unlock uses facial recognition Face ID. The price of the cheapest 11-inch version of the gadget in Russia starts from 66 thousand rubles.

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