The company completed the program of preferential repair of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which had problems related to the work of the speakers.

MacRumors reported that Apple will no longer change and repair smartphones, which during a call was not working external speaker. Sometimes this error meant that some users did not hear each other.

Apple has acknowledged this failure and said that he associated with hardware devices.

In this regard, the Corporation had to run free out of warranty service all faced with this problem. Thus it lasted not so long.

Apple removed the internal document describing the error and possible repair options. Now for the restoration of the dynamics will have to pay.

This may be due to the fact that the Corporation has dealt with repairing bad batch of smartphones. However, some sources report that a large number of users still come to service centers and repair shops with this problem. However, Apple has completed the program services.

This year the Corporation Tim cook launched the preferential maintenance three times already. The largest and most famous was launched in the winter, when it was revealed that Apple lowers the performance of some models of iPhone with worn batteries. Then the company offered users a battery replacement at a discount. On the second it became known recently, and it is connected with the keyboard in the MacBook Pro, the keys are where you break when you hit it of small debris.


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