At the time of the announcement of the Face ID cupertinos argued that the new scanner is almost impossible to cheat. In fact, it turned out that the face scanner in iPhone X really works very well and protects user data. However, it does have some flaws. It is the latter, and Apple needs to fix. It suggests a new patent.

At the moment, to bypass Face ID users need badly enough to try. For example, to create three-dimensional mask, which will further replicate the face of the owner’s iPhone. However, there is another option – in some cases, Face ID can’t distinguish between twins. However, Apple wants to fix it.

In one of the company’s patents described improvement, which should help the face scanner to distinguish between people. In particular, Apple engineers propose to Supplement Face ID module, capable of scanning the retina of the eye. Thanks to this trick the scanner will be even more difficult.

Apparently, the cupertinos are planning to use Face ID not only in mobile devices but also in computers. Previously, this information was shared by one of the sources. However, he did not mention any specific timeline, saying only that Apple is testing prototypes Mac only with Face ID.


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