The case is very thin and has protection from scratches.

iPhone XR more than a month was the only new smartphone Apple, which the company has not released original cases that frankly surprised. Today, however, Apple launched the sale of the first case for its new 6.1-inch smartphone. Transparent case worth $39 or more than 2.6 million rubles went on sale in the online store of the company.

Case Clear Case for iPhone XR made of a mixture of clear polycarbonate and “other flexible material”. The case is very thin, but it has protective properties. The accessory is protected from scratches both outside and inside.

Apple also stressed that the case is Clear Case does not preclude wireless charging iPhone XR. If you put XR in the new iPhone transparent case for docking station, wireless charging without problems will start at maximum speed.

New and currently the only official case for iPhone XR is intended to emphasize the unusual color 6.1-inch smartphone Apple, which is why it is transparent. Recall that Apple released the iPhone XR in six colors: black, white, red, blue, orange and yellow.

Source: Apple.


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