Shortly after the release of the new MacBook Pro was that the top version of “prošek” is subject to throttle. In particular, a similar problem exists in the model with an Intel Core i9. This week became famous not only for the reasons for such “behavior”, but there is a solution.

According to available data, the performance of the new processor was not so much due to insufficient cooling of the chip, but with not quite the proper operation of the power controller.

According to the latest tests, the CPU frequency was dropping due to overheating of the controller. Actually the problems started when passing through a module capacity of 125 watts. However, at lower values up to 100 W, the system began to work steadily.

Apple has already released a special software update that solves the overheating problem. And the solution really works. According to Dave Lee, who first pointed to the throttle 2018 MacBook Pro with a Core i9, after the update the laptop is running much better.


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