Literally recently it became known that Microsoft “took away” from Apple the title of most expensive public company. However, as predicted by experts, the situation on the stock exchange quite quickly changed, and Apple has again regained the title of leader.

As for Microsoft, the software giant dropped to the second position. According to the latest data, the market capitalization of the company from Redmond is estimated at about 817 billion dollars. Apple is ahead of Microsoft on this indicator. However, to a record high of $ 1 trillion to the cupertinos is still far.

It is worth noting that over the past few weeks the stock price of Apple has significantly decreased, which led to the decline in market capitalization. Analysts attribute this primarily to the negative forecasts of iPhone shipments in the first half of next year.

Earlier, several major analyst firms and industry experts have lowered their forecasts for iFixit iPhone Xs and Xr in the following year. Analysts believe that the new Apple smartphones are sold is not too good and attribute this to the high cost of new products.


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