Recently analyst firm Strategy Analytics has published a new report showing that last year the supply of smart speakers increased by 70% and reached 146,9 million units. The leaders of the market were Amazon and Google. But Chinese manufacturers over the past year significantly strengthened their positions.

Amazon is the undisputed leader in the United States. While the global market for the year its share decreased from 33.7 to 26.2%. A similar situation exists with Google, whose share dropped by more than 5%. However, experts note that in the US and Europe, the position of Amazon and Google still very strong.

But in the world of Chinese companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Xiaomi continue to increase the pace, and actively seize the market. In particular, during the year, shares of Baidu and Xiaomi increased by 171 and 167 percent, respectively.

As for Apple, the cupertinos are not yet able to rise above sixth place in the ranking of the largest manufacturers of smart speakers. However, over the past year the total sales of the HomePod grew by only one million, reaching 2.6 million units sold.


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