Total revenue of Apple from iPhone sales in the first 9 months of the financial year decreased by 14.9% to $109,01 billion compared to $128,13 billion from the same period last year, follows from the unaudited statements of the company. The largest drop in sales of devices of the company were recorded in China. Revenue in the region for the last 9 months has declined from $40.5 billion to $32.5 billion decline In iPhone sales revenue from the sale of other devices has increased. So, for 9 months of the fiscal year revenue from Mac sales rose from $17.8 billion to $18.7 billion in Revenue from iPad sales for the 9 months increased from $of 14.39 billion to $16,62 billion in Revenue from Apple sales of wearable devices like Apple Watch and AirPods grew from $13,15 billion to $17,96 billion Net profit for the period decreased by 8.44% to $41,57 billion, against $45,40 billion a year earlier, the report said Corporation. Operating profit Apple following the results of 9 months of the fiscal year decreased from $54,7 billion to $48,30 billion In the third quarter of 2019 Apple’s net profit showed a decrease of 12.8% from $12.6 billion to $11,54 billion While total revenue increased to $53.8 billion compared to $53,2 billion a year earlier. Operating profit fell from $12.6 billion to $11,54 billion on Friday, 26 July, Apple officially announced plans to purchase greater part of the modem Intel. The transaction is expected to $1 billion will be closed in the fourth quarter of 2019, subject to obtaining regulatory approval.

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