The popularity of smart watches every year only grows. To such conclusion experts from Counterpoint Research. According to analysts, in the first quarter of 2019 volumes of deliveries of smart hours increased by 48%.

The market leader remains Apple. Cupertinos control more than 35% of the global market. The total supply of Apple Watch for the year increased by 49%. Not the last role in this played, presented last year of the Apple Watch Series 4. Experts believe that many users choose this watch because of the rather large screen, and the functions of the ECG.

On the second place on volume of deliveries of smart hours is Samsung. At the moment it controls 11% of the global market. Interestingly, during the year, the popularity of smart watches Korean increased by 127%. According to experts, the main “engine” became last year’s Galaxy Watch.

Third, fourth and fifth places in the ranking is occupied Imoo, Fitbit and Xiaomi Amazfit, respectively. However, their share is markedly lower than the leaders. Separately experts say the success of Huawei. Currently, the share of watches from Chinese companies accounted for only 2.8% of the total supply. However, the manufacturer gradually increasing volume and gaining market.


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