In September 2017, the company announced its branded wireless charging station called AirPower. A key feature of novelty was the fact that with its help it was possible to charge multiple devices simultaneously. However, in 2019, the cupertinos have rolled this project. But analyst John Prosser believes that Apple did not completely abandon the idea to release their wireless charging.

Cupertinos did not specify why exactly they decided to stop work on AirPower. However, if you believe the network sources, in the process of work on a proprietary wireless charging engineers are faced with several challenges. In particular, they are unable to defeat excessive overheating of the device.

According to John Prosser, despite the completion of works on AirPower, the cupertinos are still planning to release its own wireless charging. The analyst argues that the company’s engineers are testing some new prototypes.

The latter differ from the new AirPower more effective heat dissipation system and a slightly revamped body. In particular, in the prior art is a silicone top layer is applied bleached skin. She should better dissipate heat.


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