Apple has named the popular app in its proprietary App store among Russian consumers. The rating was compiled on the number of downloads, without taking into account user feedback and overall evaluation of each program. In the first place was the messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook — he surpassed even Instagram, which, incidentally, is also the property of Facebook. Took third place in corporate social networking application “In contact” as the largest in Russia.

Note that the rating takes into account the number of downloads both the iPhone and iPad, so it’s only fair. Fourth and fifth places went, respectively, the application “Sberbank Online” and Youtube, and the remaining five lines of the top 10 is divided between Telegram, “Yandex. Taxi”, Joom, Pandao and public Services. The rankings are based on user preferences for the whole of 2018, and 2017 in the top 10 attended the application “Yule” and “Avito”. Apparently, the growth of prices of services of these boards did the trick — the interest in them began to fall.

If you take into account the rating of only free apps in the App Store for iPad, the undisputed leaders of steel Vkontakte, and YouTube AliExpress. In the segment of pay utilities specifically for the iPad (Yes, some people still pay for apps for mobile phones) the top 3 is a drawing tool Procreate, the augmented reality app “Little kitty” and the media player is AVPlayerHD. Among paid apps for iPhone lead kirakira+, Glitche #BS365 Workouts.

Top apps for Apple Watch is iTranslate Converse, Shazam, Strava: Run & Ride Training, Night Sky and Nike Training Club. As you can see, the owners of smart watches Apple is really a lot of time to devote to the sport. Apple also announced the winners in the categories “App on iPhone” “Game of the year on iPhone,” “App of the year for iPad” and “game of the year for iPad”. In the first category won utility Procreate Pocket from Australia, allowing you to create various illustrations for the iPhone and is a kind of counterpart to Adobe Photoshop — it even has support for layers and brushes.

Game of the year on iPhone is recognized as story puzzle Donut County, and game of the year for iPad — Gorogoa. It is also a puzzle, and the player to move the panels with portions of images in the attempt to constitute a single scene. App on the iPad is nazvaniye Froggipedia. This is an educational utility, with expanded support for augmented reality ARKit, and with its help, users are able to study the structure of the body of the frog.

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