Apple has released a new series of commercials Close Your Rings. The company told how to exercise with the Apple Watch and close the ring activity.

The IT giant has posted them on their Australian YouTube channel, maybe soon they will appear in other countries. 15-second video demonstrate how three people are training throughout the day, thereby closing the ring activity on their Apple Watch.

Jocelyn – a young girl who leads an active lifestyle. She plays basketball, dances and finds time to children and everyday activities.

Eric is an elderly gentleman. He touches on the bike, walking the dog, no problem up and down the stairs and moves freely around the city.

Attila – athlete who is involved in swimming, Jogging, Cycling and table tennis.

“Sit less, move more. Exercise” – according to Apple at the end of their commercials.

The ring activity of the Apple Watch, which advertises the company, is to control their sporting achievements. In fact, it’s a sports goal according to the project developers, they need to close in order to stay healthy.

Rose is responsible for calories, for green exercise, blue for activity during the day.


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