Apple is focusing on colors.

Regardless of whether XR for sale iPhone like hotcakes or not, Apple is obviously doing everything possible to increase the popularity of its cheapest smartphone sample 2018. The company actively promotes iPhone XR through advertising, arranges an unusually generous offer for the purchase of a smartphone, and even in Russia, and now has released a separate video dedicated to the smartphone and its varied colors the body.

Today’s video is the first that is completely dedicated to only iPhone XR. First 6.1-inch iPhone if they appear in the promotional video Apple, the only company with the more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. In a new video Apple focusing only on iPhone XR.

Apple, as it happens often, made a very original video. It iPhone XR is only shown at the very end, and even then the quality of the render. Throughout the movie we see people running, and on which clothes are in different colors corresponding to the colors of the iPhones XR. Thus, Apple stressed that iPhone XR is very original smartphone, which is available in youth unusual colors.

Source: Apple.


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