NEW YORK, August 8. /TASS/. Guide of Apple told the U.S. congressmen that the iPhone does not store the voice recording users without their knowledge, the company does not allow you to do this for third-party applications. This was reported on Tuesday by Reuters.

According to him, Apple sent a letter in response to the request of the members of the Committee on energy and Commerce of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, which required the company to comment on earlier media allegations that her gadgets supposedly recorded the speech of users without their permission.

Fears touched the electronic voice assistant Siri. In order to use it, the user must utter the phrase “Hey Siri”. However, some experts had previously speculated that Apple smartphones in anticipation of the said phrase can listen to, record and save all other words the user can say, being in the vicinity of the microphone device.

As noted by Reuters, in a letter to the congressmen, Apple rejected these claims, noting that the iPhone does not record the voice of the users. In addition, as announced in the Apple Siri does not transmit to any third party the received voice command. The company also reminded that the use of electronic assistance, a user must consent to giving Siri access to the microphone.

Apple also indicated that the company does not allow third parties to violate these rules, according to Reuters. Program, convicted of attempting to record voices and conversations of the users are removed. Corporation in the letter to Congress also confirmed that its smartphones do not collect information about the location of the user if the appropriate options are disabled.

The congressmen sent a similar query in Google that produces the Android mobile operating system. Its representatives declined to comment, however, according to the Agency, the Committee on energy and Commerce of the house of representatives announced that the two companies have been cooperating with legislators on this issue.


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