Apple without any noise or fanfare eliminated design flaw in the MacBook Pro, which led to the need for costly repairs. This was reported by the resource iFixit, famous for his “showdown” and instructions on repair.

The fact that the MacBook Pro, starting with 2016, there was an unpleasant “feature”. The problem was dubbed in the Western media Flexgate. The ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard was too short and flimsy. As a result, when you open the laptop lid there is the danger of damage to the trail that led to problems with the image on the display.

Since the Flex cable is soldered to the motherboard firmly, flat cable repair cost of $ 6 resulted in a replacement and even the motherboard. As a result, the repair could cost $ 600-700. The problem was compounded by the fact that Apple is not only recognized its existence, but refused to consider it a warranty issue.

As noted by the specialists of iFixit, Apple has switched to using loops with extended long by 2 mm., it May seem that this is nonsense, but according to experts this “nonsense” significantly reduces the risk of breakage.

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