According to industry experts, which refers to DigiTimes, the cupertinos not to delay the production of its own flexible smartphone. While the company still has some time to spare. However, if the announcement of such a device will not take place, then Apple risks losing the status of leader of innovation and will not be able to return the sale of its mobile devices at a consistently high level.

At the moment, Samsung and Huawei have already managed to submit their flexible smartphones. While network sources have reported that in the near future the Korean giant can show a couple of such devices. In a short time this market should go and other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo.

As mentioned above, while the cupertinos still have some time to spare. At this stage, neither the manufacturers nor the users are still unable to understand how successful will be similar form factor. It is for this reason analysts say the relatively low sales of flexible smartphones. For example, according to Canalys forecasts, this year the total shipments of such devices will not exceed 2 million pieces.

Industry experts indicate that Apple is a necessary catalyst that will stimulate the sales of Apple’s smartphones, and mobile flexible device can help.


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